Louisville Slugger 2012 Z-1000 Adult Baseball Bat

If I say the word “slugger” what is the first thing that comes to mind, of course the Louisville Slugger baseball bat.  It comes to mind because some of the greatest baseball players of all time used the bat like Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb.  Louisville Slugger now known as Hillerich and Bradsby has been making great baseball bats since the late 1800’s and 2012 is no exception.

The Z-1000 BB12Z which uses a LS-2X composite with S1iD barrel technology is the top dog of the season and for good reason.  The LS-2X composite barrel technology is new for 2012.  It features new thinner high-strength and lightweight graphite fibers which reduce the wall thickness, creating better performance while maintaining durability.  The thinner fibers allow for the use of more layers in the barrel for added strength, but with an overall wall that is thinner.

It also features the S1iD barrel technology which stands for the Swing 1 inner Disc (S1iD).  This technology allows the barrel to flex to its maximum allowable performance level from swing 1.  It makes the bat “game ready” from the time you take it out of the box.  The two inner discs are positioned inside the barrel at the sweet spot to stop the barrel from flexing past the performance limit, giving players maximum allowable performance.  Precise positioning of iD within the barrel also allows Louisville to bring up the performance around the sweet spot- which means you get a larger performing sweet spot, not just a better feeling one.

The additional specs on this bat are a 2 ⅝” barrel and it is a negative 3 adult/college baseball bat.  It has the typical Louisville synthetic grip on the 31/32” tapered handle.  It has the Louisville Slugger end cap which has been the standard for years.  The Z-1000 BB12Z does meet high school and college BBCOR standards which is great because it is still such a high performance bat.

So if you are looking for an edge in your hitting game I would suggest getting the Louisville Z-1000 BB12Z adult baseball bat.  For more information on this bat and other Louisville bats go to www.morleyathletic.com.