Save Money, Burn Fat, Build Muscle

Everyone wants to keep in shape.  Some of us go to the gym 3 times a week others build a gym in their own house.  Some people buy DVD’s and try to get fit doing what the guy on the TV tells them.  Anybody who has tried to stay in shape knows the same thing.  It takes work and dedication.  One thing it doesn’t take is a ton of money, contrary to what Sunday morning television would teach us.  You won’t get anywhere unless you come up with a routine that you can stick too.  Believe me I have tried dozens if not hundreds of times to stick to a complicated eating and exercising routine and while that may work for some it’s just not for me.  A guy on a bodybuilding forum once gave me the best advice.  He said that what he did to get in such great shape was to make sure that he did something every day.  Just something, whether it be a two hour routine or the more likely 10 minute quickie workout.  Great advice that we can all actually stick to..  Just do something, because something is always better than nothing.

There are a ton of simple workouts that can be done without anything more than our own body weight as resistance.  No need to expensive contraptions, machines or high tech fitness tools.  So pick a few exercises from the wealth of information online and start working those larger muscle groups in the privacy of your own home for free.  No need to hit the gym.

One piece of equipment I do recommend is the kettlebell.  The easiest  use for kettlebells, and what works for me is the kettlebell swing.  The basic idea is you stand with your legs apart and swing your kettlebell straight in front of you.   The trick being that you’re not going to use your arm muscles but rather a hip thrust motion that will make muscles throughout your body lift the kettlebell and swing it in front of you.  You can find videos of this move on any respectable video sharing website.  It’s that popular.

Once you reach your maximum weight it won’t take many reps to get your heart rate up, the sweat flowing and your muscles fatigued.  I use kettlebells as a major part of my fitness routine simply because I feel like I get a great workout in only a couple of minutes.  Seriously just a couple of minutes and I’m feeling the burn.  It saves me a ton of time.   Now the time I would normally spend doing several different exercises with higher reps and sets I can spend with my son and daughter.  That’s what i call quality time.

I suggest that you educate yourself on the use of kettlebells and then start with a low weight until you can get your form right after which you should move up in kettlebell weight to increase your workout intensity.  There are new vinyl coated and even Rhino soft rubber kettlebells available to make sure your floors are not damaged.  You will find a complete selection of kettlebells at